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Polaris Industries is an American manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATV, and neighborhood electric vehicles. Polaris introduced the Trailboss in 1985, which is considered to be the first American-made all-terrain vehicles (ATV). The company also manufactures motorcycles through its Victory Motorcycles subsidiary and through the Indian Motorcycle subsidiary which it purchased in April 2011.

Polaris Bolt Patterns

Magnum 325 2x4/4x400-02 (R) 24x11x10 10x84x156
Xpedition 325 4x400-02 (F) 24x8x12 12x74x156
Xpedition 325 4x400-02 (R) 24x11x10 10x84x4
Sportsman 335 4x499-00 (F) 23x7x10 10x54x156
Sportsman 335 4x499-00 (R) 24x11x10 10x84x156
Trail Boss 4x4 350L/400L90-94 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Trail Boss 4x4 350L/400L90-94 (R) 25x12x10 10x84x4
Magnum 4x4 425L95-98 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Magnum 4x4 425L95-98 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x4
Sportsman 40001-08 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 40001-08 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x156
Magnum 2x4/Xpress 300/400L96-99 (F) 23x7x10 10x54x156
Magnum 2x4/Xpress 300/400L96-99 (R) 24x11x10 10x84x4
Xplorer 4x4 400L95-02 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Xplorer 4x4 400L95-02 (R) 25x12x10 10x84x4
Scrambler 2x4/4x4 400L95-02 (F) 23x7x10 10x54x156
Scrambler 2x4/4x4 400L95-02 (R) 22x11x10 10x84x4
Sport 400L 2x494-99 (F) 23x7x10 10x54x156
Sport 400L 2x494-99 (R) 22x11x10 10x84x4
Xpedition 425 4x400-01 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Xpedition 425 4x400-01 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x4
Xpedition 425 4x42002 (R) 25x11x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 500 4x496-08 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 500 4x496-08 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x156
Magnum 500 4x499-01 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Magnum 500 4x499-01 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x4
Magnum 500 2x42002(R) 25x11x10 10x84x156
Scrambler 500 2x4/4x497-09 (F) 23x7x10 10x54x156
Scrambler 500 2x4/4x497-09 (R) 22x11x10 10x84x4
Predator 500 2x403-07 (F) 21x7x10 10x54x156
Predator 500 2x42003 Only (R) 20x11x10 10x84x156
Predator 500 2x404-07 (R) 20x11x10 10x84x110
Outlaw 450/52508-09 (F) Straight-Axle 21x7x10 10x54x156
Outlaw 450/52508-09 (R) Straight-Axle 20x11x9 9x94x110
Outlaw 500/52507-09 (F) IRS 21x7x10 10x54x156
Outlaw 500/52507-09 (R) IRS 20x11x9 9x94x110
Sportsman 600 4x403-13 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 600 4x403-13 (R) 25x11x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 700 4x402-13 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 700 4x402-13 (R) 25x10x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 800 4x405-13 (F) 26x8x12 12x74x156
Sportsman 800 4x405-13 (R) 26x10x12 12x74x156
Sportsman XP 550/850/100009-15 (F) 26x8x14 14x64x156
Sportsman XP 550/850/100009-15 (F) 26x10x14 14x84x156
Diesel 4x499-06 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Diesel 4x499-06 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x156
Big Boss 4x689-94 (F) 22x8x10 10x54x156
Big Boss 4x689-94 (R) 22x11x10 10x84x4
Big Boss 400L 6x695-97 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Big Boss 400L 6x695-97 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x4
Magnum 425 2x4 & 4x495-98 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Magnum 4252x4 & 4x495-98 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x4
Magnum 4256x696-97 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Magnum 4256x696-97 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x4
Ranger 400 4x410-14 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
Ranger 400 4x410-14 (R) 25x11x12 12x74x156
Ranger98-03 (F) 25x10x12 12x74x156
Ranger98-03 (R) 25x11x10 10x84x156
Ranger04-14 (F) 25x10x12 12x74x156
Ranger04-14 (R) 25x11x12 12x74x156
Ranger XP 90013-15 (F) 26x9x12 12x74x156 - 12mm x 1.50 studs
Ranger XP 90013-15 (R) 26x11x12 12x74x156 - 12mm x 1.50 studs
RZR 170(Front) 19x7x8 8x54x110 - 10mm x 1.25 Studs
RZR 170(Rear) 20x10x9 9x84x110 - 10mm x 1.25 studs
RZR 570 / 80008-14 (F) 25x8x12 12x74x156
RZR 570 / 80008-14 (R) 25x10x12 12x74x156
RZR 800-S09-14 (F) 27x9x12 12x74x156
RZR 800-S09-14 (R) 27x11x12 12x74x156
RZR XP 90011-14 (F) 27x9x12 12x74x156 - 3/8x24 Studs
RZR XP 90011-14 (R) 27x11x12 12x74x156 - 3/8x24 Studs
RZR900 (All) 2015 (F) 27x9x12  4x156 - 12mm x 1.50 Studs
RZR900 (All)2015 (R) 27x11x12  4x156 - 12mm x 1.50 Studs
RZR XP 100013-16(F) 29x9x14 14x6 4x156 5+1 - 12mm x 1.50 Studs
RZR XP 100013-16(R) 29x11x14 14x84x156 6+2 - 12mm x 1.50 Studs

The bolt/lug pattern information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the information provided in this site. Use of this site constitutes your agreement to these terms.



4 lug image 5 lug image 6 lug image 7 lug image 8 lug image


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